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Drone Jammer “Drone Killer F6”, blocks 6 bands 35W up to 500m

748.00$ 640.00$
This powerful 35W desktop jammer is specially created for blocking drones and UAVs.

Drone Jammer “Drone Killer F8”, blocks 8 bands 55W up to 500m

915.00$ 750.00$
This powerful 55W desktop jammer with 8 antennas is specially designed for blocking 2.4Ghz GPS L1, GPS L2 and remote controls signals such as 5.8Ghz, 434MHz, 868Mhz and 912MHz that are used for remote control of most commercial UAVs Drones.

Drone Jammer “Drone Killer Pro F4”, blocks 4 bands 30W up to 500m

30W RC Portable Drone Jammer with blocking range up to 500m

Drone Jammer “Drone Killer”, Directional antenna, blocking range up to 800m

This handheld jammer is aimed to block 2.4Ghz, GPS, and 5.8Ghz signals, which are used by commercial UAV Drones for their remote control.

Jammer Drone “Drone Killer F8”, 44W blocks RC WIFI 2.4GHZ 5.8GHZ GPS up to 600m

Jammer is aimed to block 2.4Ghz, GPS Glonass L1 L2, and 5.8Ghz signals that are used for remote control of

Jammer Drone “Drone Killer Pro F8-D” blocks 8 bands 180W up to 1000m

Jammer Drone "Protector Pro F8-D" blocks 8 bands 180W up to 1000m

Jammer Drone “Drone Killer Pro F8-D”, blocks 8 bands 59W up to 500m

Jammer Drone "Guard Pro F8-D", blocks 8 bands 59W up to 500m

These days many people take advantage of unnamed aerial vehicles (they are also known as drones). These devices are very popular because of their ability to fly without a pilot as the one on the ground can easily control the flight by using the remote control panel. Today we can see a very wide range of drones of different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. Such diversity of drones allows choosing those aerial vehicles whose characteristics you like the most. You will be surprised to find out that drones have the ability to take photos and make videos, you just need to put the camera on the board of the UAV. In order to prevent spying, use drone jammer.

Drone jammer to stop invasions into your private life

Especially drones are very helpful for travelers as with their help they can catch unforgettable moments. By installing camera on UAV board they can take photos and make videos from the highest points. We are sorry to say that, but with the appearance of unnamed aerial vehicles, criminals started their illegal activity.

It is not a secret that criminals can use drones to take photos of your property. These photos may help them to discover your house construction, etc. What’s more, criminals use unnamed aerial vehicles for smuggling (drug, weapons and bomb transportation). You also can use drones in the water. Drone signal jammer is the best tool for fighting against drones. With the help of jammers, you will protect your property and your family.

For your information drone jammers for sale are also very among police and military to protect the population from crimes. Jammers are the best tools for preventing terrorism.

If you are looking for a tool that can protect you, then you need to visit Here is the widest range of drone jammers of different shapes, blocking radius and sizes. With drone signal jammer kit in hand, you may feel protected as no one will be able to harm you. If you have questions regarding our goods, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team.