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Jammer (R1) “Defender F12”, blocks 12 bands 105W up to 80m

1,188.00$ 930.00$
Jammer (R1) "Defender F12", blocks 12 bands 105W up to 80m

Jammer (R1) “Defender F16”, blocks 16 bands 133W up to 80m

1,485.00$ 1,210.00$
120W Jammer with 16 antennas to block 5GHZ, 3G, 4G, WIFI, GPS

Jammer (R1) “Defender F8”, blocks 8 bands 76W up to 80m

915.00$ 750.00$
Jammer (R1) "Defender F8", blocks 8 bands 76W up to 80m

Jammer (R1) “Guard F10-5G”, blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

572.00$ 450.00$
Jammer (R1) "Guard F10-5G", blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

Jammer (R1) “Guard Pro F8”, blocks 8 bands 70W up to 60m

Jammer ( R1) "Guard Pro F8", blocks 8 bands 70W up to 60m

Jammer (R1) “Protector F12”, blocks 12 bands 35W up to 50m

Jammer (US) "Protector F12 GPS", blocks 12 bands 35W up to 50m

Jammer (R1) “Protector Pro F8” blocks 8 bands 175W up to 150m

Jammer (R1) "Protector Pro F8" blocks 8 bands 175W up to 150m

Jammer (R1)”Protector F20″, blocks 20 bands 59W up to 50m

Jammer (US)"Protector F20", blocks all signals types 46W up to 50m

GPS trackers are popular nowadays and a lot of people use them with different purposes both with good and bad intentions. For example, you want to track location of your child in order to know where he or she is. Maybe you want to track your senior grandmother and be sure that she is OK. In such cases your purpose of using GPS trackers is positive. There are a lot of cases when someone can track a person position without his or her permission. It violates a person’s privacy rights. It is another side of the coin. That’s why the production of GPS jammer is in great request.

GPS jammer to prevent spying

Despite the type of vehicle whether it is air, water or land one, could be easily tracked if there is GPS on their board. If you don’t want anybody to track your location, you may buy GPS blockers and be calm about your confidentiality. The main aim of any GPS signal jammer is to block GPS tracker signals. But you should know that GPS trackers could be not just of one frequency but of 5. Among them are GPSL1 (1500-1600MHz), GPSL2 (1220-1230MHz), GPSL3 (1200-1210MHz), GPSL4 (1250-1280MHz), and GPSL5 (1170-1180MHz). Only three of them are aimed at civil using – L1, L2 and L5. Consequently, there are different GPS blockers where each of them is aimed to block the respective bands of GPS tracker.

There are various satellite navigation systems such as Japanese QZSS, European Galileo, Chinese Compass etc. With their help, it is possible to find your location in several minutes. That’s why you need to use jammer depending on in what country you are. Also you can distinguish them by styles. It means that you may use a portable or desktop GPS jammer to stop GPS tracker transmitting the signal and spotting your location. Such jammers radiate the same frequency used by tracker and due to this feature, it is possible to block all GPS trackers.

We have a wide range of GPS signal jammers. We offer portable, desktop, mini, high power and for automobiles only. In order you to choose the right one you need to find out previously what type of jammer you want to have.