Cell phone Jammer

Regulate work of cell phones in public places

Nowadays it is hard to imagine our life without mobile phones. This small device became a huge necessity. Whenever we go, we always take our cell phone with and when we accidentally forgot it at home, we feel uncomfortable. It goes without saying that mobile phones benefit us, however, there are a lot of cases when these small communicative devices caused a lot of troubles. Do you know that because of mobile phones you are subjected to daily surveillance? Moreover, special agencies can eavesdrop on your phone conversations whenever they want. Also, there are some places where use of cell phones is inappropriate, for instance, meeting room, classroom, church, cinema, etc. There is also a ban on use of mobile phones in hospitals because they influence work of medical equipment and they also may lead to burst in gas and oil stations. As you can see cell phones have both advantages and disadvantages. We recommend you use cell phone jammer in order to regulate work of cell phones in public places. 

The cell phone signal jammer is intended to block the transmission of signals between cell phone and its base station. In dependence with signal strength and jammer type and model, the blocking range can vary. The blocking range of portable jammers usually varies from 5-30 meters, the jamming range of desktop jammers is bigger and may reach up to 100 meters. There are some types of jammers, which may block several types of frequencies simultaneously. Thus, with the help of one jammer, you will block work of several devices, for instance, mobile phone, spying devices, gps tracker, etc. You can be sure that mobile phone jammer will become your personal security guard. When you are having serious meetings or negotiations with your future partners, then use cell phone blocker to keep every word in secret. 

More and more people are intended to use jammers in classrooms to prevent cheating during exams; jammers are also used in hospitals as cell phones influence normal work of medical equipment; also, mobile frequency jammer is used in cinemas, theaters, concert halls, churches, court, prisons, recording studious, etc.

Today, huge amount of jammers of different sizes, design, and technical characteristics are presented on the market.  They can be equipped with different number of antennas and different power. So, it is advisable to decide, where you are going to use this jammer before purchase. You are welcome to contact our customer support service for consultation and more detailed information about our devices.