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Jammer (R1) “Protector F12”, blocks 12 bands 35W up to 50m

Jammer (US) "Protector F12 GPS", blocks 12 bands 35W up to 50m

Jammer (R1)”Protector F20″, blocks 20 bands 59W up to 50m

Jammer (US)"Protector F20", blocks all signals types 46W up to 50m

Jammer (R1/R2) “Protector F14”, blocks 14 bands 35W up to 70m


Jammer (R2) “Defender F12”, blocks 12 bands 105W up to 80m

1,188.00$ 930.00$
Jammer (R2) "Defender F12", blocks 12 bands 105W up to 80m

Jammer (R2) “Guard F16-5G”, blocks 16 bands 16W up to 30m

682.00$ 600.00$
Jammer (R2) "Guard F16-5G", blocks 16 bands 16W up to 30m

It is not a secret that everybody of us could be prey of unauthorized surveillance. When we talk by phone, write a message, use a notebook, surf the Internet and even sing in the bathroom we subject to surveillance. How is it possible? To get the required information about this or that person is very easy. Criminals can apply different devices, for example, hidden cameras, video equipment, bug devices, audio recorders. The one can place them everywhere. Someone may spy on you right now. But it is a reality and we need to protect ourselves. For this goal, you need to buy RF signal jammer.

RF signal jammer – the best way to protect your privacy and private information

What are radio frequency blockers and how do they work? RF signal jammer is a device to prevent or disrupt communication through a broadcasted radio frequency signal. The working principle of this device is to create a specific signal which cancels out the cellular signals. This aim is achieved through a high power signal transmission which works on the same frequency as cell phone, for instance.

Law enforcement agencies and military units use radio frequency blockers in order to disrupt any communication between terrorists and criminals. For example, with the help of cell phone it is possible to activate some bombs. However, RF signal jammer can help to prevent its activation. In addition, RF jammer can prevent any type of espionage such as image or voice transmission.

Our online shop offers you different radio frequency jammers from cheap to expensive ones. The prices depend on the characteristics and features included in them. If you worry about your privacy and would like to save all your rights in secret, you definitely shall choose a jammer which meets your requirements and buy it immediately.