Can I use your pictures or descriptions on my website for Affiliate linking?
Can I borrow / copy your website pages for my reselling or drop-shipping electronics business?
Can I make a brochure out of your website contents for my offline marketing needs?

In general Alljammers is open about sharing product pictures and descriptions, because we want to help out drop-shippers and Ebay sellers in their online listings.

Please don’t blatantly copy the whole of any Alljammers web page or design your web pages to imitate the appearance of Alljammers.com

Please read the following further ‘small print’ notes on copying / use of content from Alljammers.com:

  • You may use product pictures and product descriptions from Alljammers freely, provided they are used appropriately in the context of your reselling or Affiliate activities.
  • You may use or adapt Alljammers publicity brochures and recommended product lists provided the use is appropriate.
  • You are welcome to quote from our China Business News blog provided you link stories back to us (or clearly refer to the website source, in the case of printed materials).
  • You are welcome to quote from our Alljammers Newsletter provided you link back to us.
  • Please don’t copy or adapt customer testimonials or product reviews.
  • Please don’t copy or adapt Alljammers Knowledgebase articles.

All material on Alljammers.com is Copyright and we reserve the right to change our policy at a later date. The above notes apply to online and offline material.
If you feel you can give us suggestions to improve the product descriptions (an ongoing task as we are always adding new products which start off with no English description at all!), we are always grateful to hear your feedback!

Likewise, we are grateful if you have improved product photographs and are willing to share them (in lower resolution formats) with Alljammers and our other members.


Do you dropship?
Details Of How To Drop-Ship With Alljammers

Drop-shipping means your supplier (Alljammers) sends goods directly to your customers, but as far as your customers are concerned, they bought the products from you and they have no contact to Alljammers.

Alljammers allows drop-ship orders for all registered customers.
There are no additional charges. Just order online in the same way as usual, but add different delivery addresses in “my account” (You can also add a new shipping address on-the-fly during the checkout process.) You can have as many shipping addresses as you like listed on your Alljammers account.

When you order, it will help us if you put “drop-shipping to customer” in the shipping comments. We always check carefully (for fraud prevention) if the shipping address is different to the billing address, so if you are a new drop-shipping customer we may need to email or phone you to verify before processing the order.

We do not include Alljammers publicity materials / invoices etc when we send drop ship goods, so it protects your reputation as a seller. They will not know the true source of the goods, and they will not know the price you paid.

The prices shown on the shipping invoice will be different to what your customer paid you. However if your customer asks you can point out that these are values for customs declaration only. In any case a lower price declared helps reduce ad-valorem duty or sales taxes that your customer may have to pay when receiving imported goods in certain countries. Please, check about importing / tax regulations before your start drop-ship selling, and always keep your customers informed.

If your customer has technical support issues, or wants to return a product, they will have to discuss this with you first because it’s your account with Alljammers.

Please note, that if there are import taxes to pay, you usually have to pay this when you receive the goods from the courier. So, if you’re dropshipping, that’s your customers who may ‘unexpectedly’ have to pay ‘extra charges’.

Please note it’s your responsibility as the Alljammers buyer / dropship vendor to find out information about taxes and inform your customers. Alljammers accepts no responsibility whatsoever for providing tax information relevant to your country, although of course we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packing/ declaration instructions.