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Drone Jammer “Defender F6”, blocks 6 bands 35W up to 500m

748.00$ 640.00$
This powerful 35W desktop jammer is specially created for blocking drones and UAVs.

Drone Jammer “Defender F8”, blocks 8 bands 55W up to 500m

915.00$ 750.00$
This powerful 55W desktop jammer with 8 antennas is specially designed for blocking 2.4Ghz GPS L1, GPS L2 and remote controls signals such as 5.8Ghz, 434MHz, 868Mhz and 912MHz that are used for remote control of most commercial UAVs Drones.

Drone Jammer “Guard Pro F4”, blocks 4 bands 30W up to 500m

30W RC Portable Drone Jammer with blocking range up to 500m

Jammer (R1) “Guard F10-5G”, blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

572.00$ 450.00$
Jammer (R1) "Guard F10-5G", blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

Jammer (R1) “Protector F12”, blocks 12 bands 35W up to 50m

Jammer (US) "Protector F12 GPS", blocks 12 bands 35W up to 50m

Jammer (R1/R2) “Protector F14”, blocks 14 bands 35W up to 70m


Jammer (R2) “Guard F10”, blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

572.00$ 450.00$
Jammer (R2) "Guard F10", blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

Signal jammers are very useful jamming devices nowadays. This device is created to block the transmission and reception of signals. Once you turn the jammer on it starts to create some form of interference at the same frequency ranges that cell phones, gps, wifi or any other devices use.

Signal jammers are the best devices for  protection of your private information

When you have different problems coming from cell phones, radio signals, gps trackers or wireless connections, then you need to buy signal jammers. Every kind of signal jammer can work with a specific frequency range. Moreover, the design of the jammer is becoming more and more advanced. That means a jammer can block more and more frequencies. There are multi-functional jammers, that can block several types of frequencies at the same time.

You can use signal jammers in different places, such as theaters, churches, classroom, library and operating rooms. Also, it is very convenient to apply signal jammer in a car to prevent spying. The advantage of a portable jammer is their compact size. You can put it in your pocket or bag and carry it everywhere you go. Everyone will fail to notice it. It is easy to use and carry.

When your are planing to use jammer in one specific place, then you need a desktop jammer. The desktop signal jammers are perfect for offices. You may install it in your cabinet or conference hall. In such a way you will prevent leakage of important information. In addition, desktop jammers are very powerful and as usual multi-frequency devices. They are able to block several types of signals. So, by installing multi-frequency powerful jammer you may solve several problems: espionage, leakage of information, spying, eavesdropping, etc. Moreover, the desktop jammer has better jamming performance and the larger jamming range.

Our online store offers you the biggest range of signal jammers of any type. Our managers will be happy to help you to choose jammer according to your needs and wants.