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45W High Power Cell Phone Jammers Shielding Range 100m

This cell phone jammer can keep you from being tracked by cell phone signal tracking systems. It is also good for schools, churches, conference rooms, hospitals and any other place that cell phones may be cause a distraction or interference.

Briefcase Jammer “Protector F8”, blocks 8 bands 23W up to 40m

Briefcase Jammer “Protector F8”, blocks 8 bands 23W up to 40m

Drone Jammer “Defender F6”, blocks 6 bands 35W up to 500m

748.00$ 640.00$
This powerful 35W desktop jammer is specially created for blocking drones and UAVs.

Drone Jammer “Defender F8”, blocks 8 bands 55W up to 500m

915.00$ 750.00$
This powerful 55W desktop jammer with 8 antennas is specially designed for blocking 2.4Ghz GPS L1, GPS L2 and remote controls signals such as 5.8Ghz, 434MHz, 868Mhz and 912MHz that are used for remote control of most commercial UAVs Drones.

Drone Jammer “Guard Pro F4”, blocks 4 bands 30W up to 500m

30W RC Portable Drone Jammer with blocking range up to 500m

Drone Jammer, Directional antenna, blocking range up to 800m

This handheld jammer is aimed to block 2.4Ghz, GPS, and 5.8Ghz signals, which are used by commercial UAV Drones for their remote control.

Jammer “Protector Pro F6”, blocks 6 bands 105W up to 150m


Jammer ”Protector F18″, blocks 18 bands 58W up to 50m

Jammer ”Protector F18″, blocks 18 bands 58W up to 50m

Jammer (R1) “Defender F12”, blocks 12 bands 105W up to 80m

1,188.00$ 930.00$
Jammer (R1) "Defender F12", blocks 12 bands 105W up to 80m

Jammer (R1) “Defender F16”, blocks 16 bands 133W up to 80m

120W Jammer with 16 antennas to block 5GHZ, 3G, 4G, WIFI, GPS

Jammer (R1) “Defender F20”, blocks 20 bands 155W up to 80m

155W Jammer with 20 antennas to block all signals types

Jammer (R1) “Defender F8”, blocks 8 bands 76W up to 80m

Jammer (R1) "Defender F8", blocks 8 bands 76W up to 80m

Jammer (R1) “Guard F10-5G”, blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

Jammer (R1) "Guard F10-5G", blocks 10 bands 10W up to 30m

Mobile phone jammer – buy online for personal use

The technological world is developing and improving, it is not stable but always in motion. Everything happens so fast that it is becoming hard to keep up with all changes, innovations and new technologies. The one can use all technological innovations both for good and bad purposes. Now we mean different types of trackers created for person’s location detection. Also, recorders designed to transmit the core of conversations and pictures. Criminals may use all these newly developed devices and gadgets against a person and violate his or her privacy rights. To protect our clients from tracking, recording and eavesdropping, we introduce our jamming devices and mobile phone jammer. is an online shop where you may find different jammers such as cell phone jammer, mobile phone jammer, GPS or WiFi blockers, audio or video recorder scramblers, RF and bug camera detectors. They can block signals of trackers and recorders and detect hidden devices everywhere. Jamming devices provide their owners with healthy sleep without worrying about privacy. The best seller of mobile phone jammer – is our store!

Why do I need a signal jammer?

Everyone has a mobile phone. We cannot imagine our life without this device.  In addition, we store our photos and pictures, send and receive private messages, get calls and tell our secret data. So if you want to keep all your info in secrecy and not to disclose your private data, our online shop is exactly what you need.

In our shop you may find various signal boosters for sale which combine different features and characteristics of all price range. We are also happy to provide you with high-professional assistance and help you to find a product which you are looking for. Our devices are produced from high-quality materials having the best specifications on market. We may assure you that you will be satisfied with your purchase and services we offer you.