GPS jammer

Hide from prying eyes with gps jammer

GPS tracker is becoming more and more popular. Almost everyone uses it for both personal and business aims. Thus, almost everyone has installed gps tracker in a car as with its help we can find the route to any place within several seconds. The gps tracker is highly popular among couriers and deliverymen because it helps them to deliver goods more quickly. However, sometimes gps trackers harm our privacy.  When you want to hide from prying eyes, then gps jammer is a perfect tool for you. With gps signal jammer is possible to drive everywhere you want and stay invisible. Just take jammer with you and turn it on and no one will be able to find your location. As usual, the blocking range of gps signal suppressors varies from 5 to 15 meters. 

When you want to protect your private space and prevent tracking, then we recommend you to install gps jammer inside the cabin of your car, by connecting it to the supply power. However, there are more powerful multi-functional jammers, which are able to block gps and mobile phone signals and Internet connections at the same time. Multi-functional jammers can operate in all available ranges. Due to its compact size and easy weight, you can carry out jammer everywhere you go. 

If you are going to use jammer for the first time, then it should be noted, that they are user-friendly and easy to operate: just press the button ON and it starts working and protecting you. So, when the blocker is in operation such signals as CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G, etc. will be blocked. When you want to use jammer everywhere (not only in your car), then you need to buy a portable jammer. They have small size and easy weight, so you can put it into your pocket or handbag and no one will notice, that you have a jamming tool.

The one can use this jammer everywhere you want church, temple, school, university, hospital, gas and oil stations, cinemas, theaters, meeting rooms, etc.

Our customer support service is always happy to answer all your questions and provide with detailed information about device you are interested in. We will do our best to find jammer that will answer all your needs and wants.