WiFi Jammer

Keep in safe your private data with Wifi jammer

These days we cannot imagine our life without the Internet. We use it for different purposes: for entertainment, to receive general or educational information, surf different blogs, etc. However, sometimes use of the Internet may have ‘side effect’ as all your private information and data can be stolen. Thus, everyone is wondering how to protect their information and prevent leakage. We recommend you to use Wifi blocker, which are able to block the transmission of signals from different electronic devices. Especially, we recommend you to use long range wifi jammers as they owns wide blocking range, which varies from 150 to 200 meters. Also, such wifi blocker with long range is able to cut off signals of microphones, hidden cameras, remote control devices, etc. This type of jammers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

As a rule, such jammers are equipped with directional antennas, which are simply screwed into the housing. The directional antennas may have different shapes, sizes and operation principle. As usual the suppression range varies from 800-2500Mhz. Thanks to additional external power, antennas may be active or passive. The number of antennas varies in dependence with the jammer model and required power. There are jammers, which can be equipped with 4, 8 or even 16 antennas. The jammer is aimed to disable the transmission of signals between device and base station. Once wifi signal disruptor will be in operation, it will be impossible to steal your personal data: e-mails, voice mail, messages, MMS, etc., because the data transmission via wireless communication will be blocked.

In dependence with jammer technical characteristics, you can turn off or adjust each channel according to your needs and specific requirements. You can do it with the help of frequency controller, which is placed on jammer’s body.

When you are going to buy portable wifi signal jammer, then you need to pay your attention to jammers, which have special case to protect from splash and moisture. Thanks to waterproof case, you can use jammer in conditions of high humidity and even dust.

As blocking range of wifi signal jammer may reach up to 200 meters, you may use it in premises with big area, for example, concert halls, exam rooms, churches, temples, universities, meeting room, etc.

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