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Jammer Drone “Protector Pro F8-D” blocks 8 bands 180W up to 1000m

Jammer Drone "Protector Pro F8-D" blocks 8 bands 180W up to 1000m

The high-power jammer specially designed for the prevention of disclosure and information transmission. By forming shielding magnetic field within a specific range, the signal jammer creates a safe zone where devices stop working properly. The jamming range may reach up to 200 meters (depends on the type of the jammer) within which it creates interference at the same frequency ranges that devices that we need to disable.

High power jammer manufactured for the protection of your private data

We live in the era of advanced technology. Our rivals or intruders may easily steal or eavesdrop on all our conversations, private data, and communication. To prevent information leakage is possible only with high power jammer. Just turn on it and within several seconds all bugs, cell phones, wifi, and other devices that threaten your privacy will be blocked. Consequently, you will avoid all possible leaks.

Moreover, most powerful jammers have adjustable output power functions. You can adjust the output according to your needs and control the blocker range. At the same time, the high-power jammer signal is not easily affected.

In addition, the signal jammer has a very wide range of applications. So, you can jammer various signals as needed to protect your privacy and network security.