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Jammer (R1) “Defender F16”, blocks 16 bands 48W up to 20m

Jammer (R1) "Protector F16", blocks 16 bands 48W up to 20m

The rapid spread of mobile phones in the early 21st century has led to problems such as interference with privacy rights, industrial espionage, and so on. Moreover, in society, there is an increasingly growing dissatisfaction with phone calls in transport, cinemas, restaurants, and other public places. That’s why cell phone jammer is so popular nowadays and many people use them.

When cell phone jammer can be useful?

The main purpose of mobile phone jammer is to disable cellular phones. The common bands are following 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz. But there are a lot of smaller standards such as UMTS, CDMA2000, Nextel, TDMA, AMPS, W-CDMA PCS etc.

How do GSM jammers work? A cell phone signal jammer blocks all the signals mentioned above. These devices do not let cell phones receive or send mobile signals to the nearest mobile stations. Due to it, one can block all the signals within the jamming frequency and leave a phone without the ability to receive calls and send messages.

You may use cell phone signal jammer when you need to be in silence.  Also, people use such jammers in libraries, theaters, and cinemas where a silent condition should be followed.

How cell phone signal jammer can protect me?

Cell phone jammers can be used in order to prevent breaching of person’s privacy. A person could be easily tracked by his or her personal mobile phone and its frequency. Using GSM jammer you can no longer worry about that and can rest easy that nobody tracks your location.

There is a wide range of mobile phone jammers with various characteristics and own differences. There are also portable or desktop mobile jammers. The key difference between them lies in the working radius. For portable jammers, this radius is up to 15 meters while for desktop jammers this radius is bigger and amounts to 200 meters.

You may choose a GSM jammer that will suit you and meet all your requirements according to the real situation and purpose of their use.