Drone Jammer

How to Bring Down Drones?

More and more flying quadcopters and drones are becoming popular in the world. It is expected that in the nearest future they will be widely used by many people, for example, to deliver the goods, food, mail, various goods, medicines and etc.

Quadcopters flooded our world. Drones can help and monitor the steam boilers and bridge supports, as example. In general, small drones benefit in a variety of areas. But unfortunately, not all drones work for good purposes. A cases had been noted when drones were used in acts of vandalism, smuggled and illegally aerial photographs, and it was learned that terrorists also uses light UAVs for armament. If we add the carelessness of some owners of multi-copters which fly without malicious intent in the forbidden zones, then we will get a very specific issue: it is necessary to fight somehow with drones and to know how to bring down drones.

Today in the world there is an active struggle against illegal penetration of drones into forbidden territories of private individuals. Special jammer devices against drones will help to solve this problem. What should ordinary people do who do not have special technologies for combating drones? Jamming drones will come to the rescue. When used, the jammer effectively disables drone working.

The blocking devices can be used in any location. During operation of UAVs, the acting is based on 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, as well as satellite navigation. The drone frequency bands of our store will allow you to suppress the signals in different ranges. The most common frequency is 2.4 GHz. A large number of devices using this frequency create interference and overload the channel, resulting in a loss of information transmission speed. For this reason, another technology has been appeared that allows access to a frequency of 5 GHz. A distinctive feature of the frequencies is that in the 2.4 GHz band a few points could work, and at a drone frequency spectrum of 5 GHz, up to 19 devices can work simultaneously. Every jamming device has an antenna to send the signal. Some are contained within an electrical cabinet. On stronger devices, antennas are external to provide longer range and may be tuned for individual frequencies.

A drone muffler does not affect on the cellular signal, if such a task was not requested. Drones are managed on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and 5.8 GHz drone frequencies, as well as satellite GPS navigation. Accordingly, the battelle drone is equipped with precisely these frequencies to suppress the control of the drone.

Drones are rapidly ceasing to be exotic: not too fancy household drone can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. The lower price range of devices with the possibility of programming flight plans is steadily declining, mainly due to the activity of manufacturers flooding markets with their products. Thereby, criminal actions with the usage of drones become more and more possible – that is, acceptable for potential intruders. The main purpose of using drones jammers is to ensure the safety of society, privacy and confidentiality. Restrictions for people who use medical equipment – no. No adverse effects have been identified. 2.4 ghz drone jammer equipment is recommended to be installed above houses, on roofs, towers, which, of course, increases the radius of impact andsuppression of drones.

The jammer’s effect can vary widely based on factors such as proximity to towers, indoor & outdoor settings, presence of buildings and landscape, even temperature and humidity play a role. Visit our website with full assortment of scrambling goods, our managers will be gladly to reply any your question.

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