WiFi Jammer

Long Range WiFi Jammer

Long range wifi jammers with directional antennas are devices that are best suited for indoor or outdoor usage in a large areas (theaters, cinemas, assembly halls, meeting rooms). Due to the increased range (up to 150-200 meters), the devices can effectively suppress the transmission and reception of the signal from various digital devices, from mobile phones to hidden cameras or microphones, prevents the control of the gadgets that have remote control. The main feature of wifi jammer devices with directional antennas is the increased power (if to compare with conventional devices). It is achieved through the installation of special aerial wires on the suppressors. At the same time, the antennas can be connected directly to the jammer (they are simply screwed into the housing), and even can be installed outside the building – this requires the usage of a special extension cord. Directional antennas mounted on the wifi scramble devices can have different sizes, shape, operation principle and range of suppression (usually within 800-2500 MHz). Antennas can be either passive or active with additional external power. The number of such antennas depends on the required power to suppress hidden tracking devices, mobile phones, video cameras and can range from 4 and up to 8-10. Jammer wifi with directional antennas have a lot of advantages over the suppressors in the standard configuration.

Among the most important advantages some of them can be identified, such as: the increased radius of effective suppression depending on the model – 150-200 meters; ability to block the transfer of data over cellular, high-speed Internet or GPS in difficult conditions – in close proximity to base stations, in buildings with reinforced concrete floors; most of the suppressors are equipped with omni-directional antennas capable of providing equal frequency jamming by 360 degrees; easy installation, operation and maintenance of directional antennas. Wifi signal disruptor, 3G networks lockers will be an excellent choice for use in premises with a large area. The devices will provide effective blocking of Wifi frequencies in a wide range, avoiding even the slightest probability of data leakage.

Directional antennas oriented in the right direction, block the transmission of data (SMS / MMS messages, emails, voice calls, video records) via wireless communication at distances up to 150 meters in different directions. The quality and range of suppression will depend on the distance to the nearest base of mobile operator and its capacity. Each channel can be switched off or regulated in terms of range and power, depending on the requirements in any situation. For this the suppressor is equipped with frequency controllers on the body. Some certain high-power directional wifi jammers have a case that protects against moisture and splashes. It allows to use devices in conditions of high humidity and dust also. In case you have any special questions and requirements, do not doubt to contact us to learn more information.

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