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Today mobile phones perform not only communicative function, they are also help us to be more organized as they are equipped with such features as alarm, calendar, documents and many others. However, in spite of all these advantages, cell phones also have negative side. Do you know that you can be tracked by someone, because of your cell phone? Also all your private conversation can be eavesdropped by the third part. Sometimes cell phone is not suitable to be used because it makes a lot of noise. So, when you want to limit work of cell phones, then you need to use cell phone jammer. Cell phone signal jammer is a powerful tool, which can help you in different situations. This jamming device is intended to block cell phone signals and different types of radio communication. The jammer has such ability because it works on the same frequencies as mobile phones.

So, when cell phone blocker is in operation, the transmission of signals between cell phone and its base station will be impossible. When the jammer works, mobile phones stop working normally within the jamming range. The jamming range is a «dead zone» for mobile phones. That means, while the cell phone owner will be in this zone, the cell phone will be unable to receive/send messages and make/receive calls. As regards blocking range, then you should know, that it depends on jammer model and specifications. Each jammer has different blocking range. Usually the blocking range of portable jammers varies from 5-50 meters and jamming range of desktop jammers is bigger and may reach up to 100 meters. So, it is advisable to decide where you are going to use jammer in order to make the right decision.

It is a great advantage that cell phone jammer does not harm your health. This is because cell phone jammer electromagnetic radiation measurements are below of international standards. So, while using jammer there won’t be any risk to your health. The mobile phone jammer can be used in different places. Such places as hotels, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, hospitals and many other public places usually equipped with jammer to prevent cell phone noise and other inconveniences caused by phones.

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