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High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) (Product code: PWJ-124)

High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American)
2 pcs. - 3 pcs. 151.90 $ / pcs.
4 pcs. - 10 pcs. 148.80 $ / pcs.
11 pcs. - 20 pcs. 142.60 $ / pcs.

Price: 155.00 $ Quantity:   
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Type: Wifi
Jammer Effective Radius Range: 15-20 meters
Frequency Cell Phone: CDMA 850-894MHz, GSM 925MHz-960MHz, DCS 1805MHZ-1880MHZ, PCS 1930MHZ-1990MHZ, 3G 2110MHZ-2185MHZ
Frequency WIFI: WiFi 2.4G:2400MHz-2450MHz

High Power Portable Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (American) Delivery is carried out international courier service DHL, free shipping (Check the list of countries for free shipping). You can pay by any convenient manner specified in the section "Payment"

Product Description

Jamming devices has developed to integrate more functions and stronger blocking capacity to today. This high power handheld portable cell phone and Wifi jammer for worldwide networks always speaks for itself as one of the best handheld phone Wifi jamming gadgets in the market.
The jammer can work for serious of multiple frequency bands worldwide covering European area, Middle East area, as well as American and Asia market, efficiently isolating Wifi, GSM, CDMA, 3G and DCS PHS signal and so on. If you need to disable cell phone or Wifi devices of the frequency band, the jammer would be the easiest way to achieve exactly what you want. The phone jammer is designed of slow start-up circuit, which in some way contributes to the stale performance and high integration.
The jamming range of the device can reach up to 20m, depending on the signal strength. Simply turn on the signal jammer, cell phones or other Wifi gadgets within the scope will be disabled and thus create a space free of signals as expected. In addition, the unit also comes with high portability of compact palm size. These features make it fit for flexible using in varied locations.

Taking use of super-high frequency and mini-power interference technology, high efficiency
*Effectively making subsections just interfering downlink and no interception on the base station
*Extreme portability the weight for machine itself and antenna are just 0.35KG
*Slow start up design of circuit. These elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high integration
*Connection:Four SMA connectors which are used to connect with antenna (CDMA GSM/DCS PHS 3G/WIFI).One charging connector

Do not place the jammer directed to the sunlight or near the high temperature fires
*While it is working , the surface temperature is about 45 centigrade. It is normal. However , if it is higher than 45 centigrade, it is abnormal . *Please put the power SW to OFF immediately and try to contact your local distributor or agent
*The shielding range of the device will be determined by the local signal strength. In different situation, it will be with different performance.
*Please try to put the device in a higher position while it is working .It will be better. The suggested height is about 2M.
*To avoid the loss of function of the device, please try to avoid the device placed on or the metal materials.
*Do not put the device near computers, notebook computers, televisions, stereos, and radios and so on, in order not to make some *interference for these equipments.
*Do not turn on the power before the antennas is installed
*If the antenna is not properly installed in accordance with the manuals, the shielding range will be not so good. Make sure the correct *installation before turn on the power.
*If the charged times is more than 500 times and then cannot be charged any more, please contact your local dealer or dealer and replace *the battery.

 Warning: Do not to use this product for any illegal purpose, otherwise you may be subject to prosecutions under applicable laws. You should be aware that we are obliged to provide the information in connection with your purchase of this product to relevant administrative and judicial authorities at their request.
Technical Specifications
Radius range: 2-20M (depending on the strength of the signal)
Total output power: 3W
Isolation Signal Frequency:
American and Asia Market:
WIFI: 2400-2500MHz
CDMA GSM: 850-960 MHz
DCS PHS: 1805-1990 MHz
3G: 2110-2170MHz
*Jammer x 1
*Antennas x 4
*AC Charger x 1
*Car Charger x 1
*User Manual х 1

Note: Mobile signal jammers may not be permissible to import into certain countries due to licensing of broadcast signals or other restrictions. Please check your country's telecommunications regulations before placing your order. We will adjust the CDMA / GSM / DCS / PCS for you base on your country signal frequency.

Jamming range depends on the signal strength from various sources, as well as local environment conditions.

Important Notes for Jamming Distance: The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer's reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc.

Important Notes for Portable Jammers with No Cooling Fan: Do not use the jammer when it is charging, or it will burn the jammer as it has no built-in fan. If because of this factor due to the broken of the jammer, the customer will lose the authority of free repairation.

Foreign Language Keywords

Arabic - عالية الطاقة المحمولة الهاتف المحمول واي فاي + التشويش (أمريكا); Czech - Vysoký Výkon Přenosné Mobil + Wi-Fi Jammer (Americký); Danish - High Power Bærbare Mobiltelefon + Wifi Jammer (Amerikansk); German - High-Power-Portable Handy + Wifi Störsender (Amerikanischen); Spanish - De Alta Potencia De La Portátil, Teléfono Móvil + Wifi Jammer (Americano); French - Haute Puissance Portable Téléphone Portable + Wifi Jammer (Américain); Italian - Ad Alta Potenza Portatile Cellulare + Wifi Jammer (Americano); Japanese - 高出力の携帯携帯電話+Wifiジャマ(アメリカ); Korean - 고성능 휴대용 셀룰라 전화+와이파이 방해기(미국); Malay - Tinggi, Kekuatan Portabel Ponsel + Wi-Fi Jammer (Amerika); Dutch - High Power Draagbare Mobiele Telefoon + Wifi Jammer (Amerikaans); Norwegian - Høy Effekt Bærbar Cellphone + Wifi Jammer (Amerikansk); Portuguese - De Alta Potência Portátil De Telefonia Celular + Wi-Fi Jammer (Americano); Romanian - De Mare Putere Portabil Telefon Mobil + Internet Wi-Fi De La Toba De Eșapament (American); Hebrew - גבוה כוח נייד נייד + Wifi ג ' אמר (אמריקאי); Thai - สูงพลังแบบเคลื่อนย้ายได้มือถือ+Wifi Jammer(ชาวอเมริกัน); Turkish - Yüksek Güç Taşınabilir Cep Telefonu + Wifi Jammer (Amerikan); Vietnamese - Cao Điện Thoại Di Động + Wifi Gây Nhiễu (Mỹ);

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Price ($)
    Jammer Effective Radius Range
      Frequency Cell Phone
        Frequency 4G
          Frequency GPS
            Frequency WIFI
              Frequency RF
                Frequency UHF/VHF
                  Frequency Wireless Video
                    Frequency LoJack and XM radio
                      Directional antennas
                        External battery ( 12V/20AH ) + Charger:
                          External battery ( 12V/30AH ) + Charger:
                            Car DC Inverter 2000W 1p