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What's a Cell Phone Jammer?

 A mobile phone after special preparation can be used as an espionage device, to receive sound and video from it from the distance. At once we start to think how to prevent it? What`s a cell phone jammer? Cellular blockers have been actively used by many western companies for several years already With their help the leaders of any organization can be sure of full attention of all participants in the meeting, focusing on important issues, ensuring compliance with regulations, and improving information security. A signal jammer is a device designed to prevent the usage of GSM devices in a certain area, works not only directly with telephones, but also with various devices (including bugs) using the same range.

Most of cell phone reception blocker operates according to a fairly simple scheme, worked out on suppressing the signals of radio stations long before the appearance of the first GSM-devices. The mobile detector uses the same range as the cell phone - and fills it with interference that makes using the devices for their intended purpose simply impossible. Cellular signal jammer device can work in two modes: an adaptive mode, also called intellectual, and a constant one. In constant mode, the device broadcasts interference continuously and makes it impossible to exchange information between the cell phone and the cell, that is, it completely blocks it. The intellectual mode of jamming of mobile phones does not "crush" the channel, but waits for the beginning of SMS or incoming/outgoing calls (communication with the base station) to lock the phone for a few seconds. The intellectual cell phone suppressors provide no less reliability than constant ones.

The cell phone interrupter works perfectly as a tool that helps to comply with the rules of public etiquette. One of the first civilian applications of cellular phone suppressors is just using them as devices that provide silence and tranquility in theaters, cinemas and lecture halls. Switching on jamming of mobile phones, you can be sure that an unexpected call will not spoil the whole impression and will not disturb and will not distract other people in the room.

The jamming device helps to prevent information from leaking out of the room in which it is installed. That is why, we can assume that such equipment will undoubtedly protect you, your conversation and confidential information, which can be transmitted. The cell phone interrupter of mobile phones works quite simply - it suppresses radio signals using a noise generator. The more its power is, the bigger part of the room can be covered by this protector.

 As to the standards of cellular communication, the blocking devices have an ability to cope with CDMA, GSM signals etc. In addition, some modern signal jammers are equipped with a Wi Max blocker, suppressing the 4G channel, which performs wireless data transmission. The cell phone reception blocker of mobile phones is an urgent necessity for many medium sized and large companies, for cultural objects, as well as to protect individuals from unwanted attention and disclosure of private information. Cell phone jammers can have small range of operation and a big radius and in both ways the opportunity of jamming cellular communication is very powerful (up to 15 meters from the object, which is quite enough, for example, for a theater). The possibility of autonomous power supply, power supply from a car battery or installation with power from a usual electrical network makes the using of jammer devices rather wide and versatile.