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Prison Jammer - Say NO to Mobile Phones

There are several principles of phone blockers operation. The simplest is a mobile jamming device, the production of which does not require special expenses. On the walls inside the room, or outside, special panels are installed, passively blocking the signals. After a call attempt starts to act, the control signal is blocked. As a result, the suppressor of telephone sets block incoming calls. The phone goes into standby mode. The jammer mobile works with the radio signal, and if the detectors simply register the signal, but the suppressors mute it (for example, the Wi Fi signal or the GLONASS). For these reasons, the prison jammer is the best protection in prohibited areas, such as a prison house for the criminals people.

Technologies give not only free access to any information, but also create conditions for the emergence of new ideas for intruders. Everyone knows that prisoners by any means try to find a way of communication with the outside world. In unknown ways, thousands of mobile phones are sent into the building walls by prisoners and they are actively using them, although this is strictly prohibited. Through communication and Internet access, prisoners fraudulently deceive people, extorting money or inventing any other different ways of cheating for their profit. In addition, while staying in touch, intruders can always regulate the process of the case in court, as well as influence third people. To prevent this, the mobile phone scramblers began to be installed in prisons. Such devices are simply irreplaceable in places where mobile communication is prohibited. The administration, as a rule, tries to provide jamming of telephone sets.

A phone disruptors are also designed to work outdoors, can be installed on light supports, guard towers, etc. The thermo bag will provide protection against external adverse temperature changes, weather conditions, as well as harm of the other people, who can disserve it. Hard-working antennas make installation easier. Also, the blocker is equipped with two types of directional and omni directional antennas. Cell jammer kits are designed to block the operation of unauthorized calls of cellular phones operating on GSM 900/1800, 3G, 4G standards. Also, the equipment blocks the work of eavesdropping devices operating on these mobile communication channels. On the strength of mentioned above, it can be concluded that due to the phone blockers the chief of prison house can be assured in internal discipline.