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Anti UAV Technology - New Era of Privacy

Anti drone devices are the modern integrated system of territory protection from penetration of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles, which is used for detection and tracking of UAVS/UAV, as well as retaliatory actions for their neutralization and elimination. If to take into consideration that the diversity of possible threats of attacks in the world, where people are not directly involvedare getting wider, the control of anti uav technology (UAVs) are increasingly became an interested object by the armed forces, security forces, police and even private security as the growing use and availability of UAV, what as well can concern senior military leadership, security agencies and law enforcement. 

The task of finding and defusing the attacking UAV is a new and increasingly important area of robotics and security, a new young market. With UAVs armed still only cameras, were faced celebrities and public figures. The ease of construction of drone jamming device and availability of installation makes them a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Anti drone systems are being developed, in order to keep UAV out from the places, where they may reach.

The main element of the instrument Anti-drone are drone countermeasures and radars that identify and track unauthorized entering and moving in the protected perimeter drones, drones, quadcopters, unmanned aircraft, remote control airplanes, helicopters, and other Data devices with remote control are supplied in fixed or mobile installations and is designed to control airspace and alerts about intrusion into protected zone of the UAV/UAV.

Professional set of tools to detect, monitor and neutralize all types of drones "Anti-drone" used in public and industrial plants, power projects, airports, stadia, places of a mass congestion of people, and also used for monitoring the perimeter of state borders, military and security officials.

The main characteristics of the use of devices Anti drone: 360-degree coverage; detection UAV/UAV at a distance of 16 km; security perimeter on land and on water; a classification of types of drones (UAV, airplane remote control, copter, drone, helicopter, etc.); detection drones (birds) and the elimination of false alarms; automatic operation c custom perimeters of the invasion zones and alerts; audible and visual alarms of an invasion (with e-mail notification or SMS); tracking the trajectory path of the UAV/UAVs in real-time; identification of each object's size, speed, location and trajectory; remote control for multiple users; display information in real time on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.); panoramic camera and application technology; mobile display; integration with other perimeter security systems such as video cameras and thermal imagers; compatibility with any other security systems and automatic guidance device sector penetration; stationary or mobile installation options.

System of anti drone protection has a wide range of applications, which involves not only ensuring public safety and protection facilities, but also the suppression of terrorist acts and chemical and bacteriological attacks, halting drug trafficking and smuggling, and border security and counter-espionage.

Applications of radar system Anti-drone include: governmental and public facilities; industrial enterprises; energy facilities; military airfields and civil airports; protected objects; ports, coastlines and waterways; state border and border control; racetracks, stadiums, racecourses and other sports facilities; the venue of festive events; auxiliary radar station; security officials.

In spite of the fact that the acquisition and use of drones across the world increases, technology of UAV jammers is constantly being improved and modernized, such methods of dealing with unmanned aerial vehicles minimizes risks to people and private property an life. Every person prefers to live in peace and be assured of their safety and the safety of private information that he does not want to disclose. Drone jamming devices will help to avoid the situations, related with the encroachment on private life.

The detection equipment drones which we offer for neutralizing UAV quadcopters is of good quality. For more information about professional UAV detection systems and ways  how to neutralize the drone, you can contact our manager.