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What is a Radio Frequency Detector?

The radio frequency detectors mostly are used as wireless (wifi) detectors, bug detectors, gps trackers, cell phone jammers, radio frequency signal detectors , or to be used in an radio frequency blocker scheme, they are able to defend wireless video cameras and audio transmitting devices, so-called the spy bug devices. They are able to determine their location with the least false triggering.

The rf detector has small dimensions and a rather large autonomy of operation, so it can be carried in a pocket and used in different locations and conditions. As the detector has a power element the crown, it is easy and quick to replace, which will allow to search for hidden electronics without further loss. The rf signal detectors for wiretapping and hidden cameras is easy to use, easy to turn on and off, it starts to work at maximum sensitivity. They can activate at large and empty rooms also, if the room is small and equipped with various kinds of equipment such as a modem, or WIFI router, the sensitivity is reduced by scrolled (adjusted wheel with a mode on /off). When you approach the radiation source, the sensitivity of the radio wave detector needs to be made smaller and guided by a red indicator on the scale, go in the direction where the indication will be higher.The more LEDs on the scale lights up red and the sound gets stronger, the closer the bug is in the room, or the gps tracking is on your car.

The models of the radio frequency detection device detector has a range of scanned frequencies and the coverage diapason is very large. For example, the blocker has a frequency range from 1MHz to 8000MHz and is suitable for searching radio listening in large rooms, since it has a big sensitivity step. Also, the radio wave detector can be used for household purposes, for example, to measure the level of electromagnetic radiation at the room (in case if microwave oven, some other electrical equipment breaks down, or the power line are damaged).

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