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Hidden Camera and Bug Detector

The main tasks of the hidden camera and bug detector are identification and blocking the activity of listening and spy devices. The bug detectors are able to detect and accurately localize the signal to ensure the safety of the privacy and security of important information. Illegal receipt and use of information can cause economic and financial harm. Detector of hidden camera and bug is a needful device regardless of status and position in society.


Detector wireless audio and video bugs is a special device for the identification of listening devices, video surveillance systems, which can provide security and privacy. Connecting of suppressor helps to determine the presence of hidden cameras and defuse it, due to the ability of the device to capture signals over a wide frequency range and the glare from the lenses. Detector hidden camera detects any video cameras in bags, clothes or interior, so you can protect yourself from unauthorized audio and video surveillance. Works effectively in rooms with different lighting.

Due to the possibility of tuning the radiation frequency of led illumination, it can be easily used in areas with very different lighting. This is a very useful function that you will be able to appreciate in a process of finding hidden cameras. Spy camera detectors activate in a silent mode to identify spy radio-emitting equipment.

When you start to use the electronic bug detector, enter the room, turn on the indicator field to search for radio-emitting devices spyware search can take some time depending on the area. Turn on the LEDs of the detector and inspect the space through the lens of the device. All the cameras (if there are any in the room) will be highlighted with the glare. If you see this bright point, you can look at it from different angles by moving the device to make sure it's a surveillance device, not just the glare from the desk or mirror. When you examine the room at the time of fixation radio spy radio detector produces a triple signal: you feel the vibration, a led comes on and sounds beep. If you don't want somebody heard a beep and realized that scan for spyware equipment is used, turn off the sound and leave only vibrate. The other option is not to attract attention is to connect the earphones that may be included to the complete set. Note, there can be installed more than one hidden camera, so after neutralization of the first device there is sense to finish the checking to the end.

Depending on the lighting conditions, the bugging device detector capable of locating a monitoring device at a distance up to 8 meters. Led laser lights can increase the detection radius to the maximum distance. Built-in antenna acts as a regulator of the sensitivity of the device. In the case of close location of listening devices or the presence of noise, bug detector will reduce the sensitivity of the device via the antenna. Simplicity and ease of using detectors, provides 100% result achievement in the search for the spy gadgets.

The bug scanner picks up the radio signal from the listening devices and informs the owner about the presence of unauthorized devices. Led lights, sound alarm and vibrate to alert the owner of the jammers on the presence of bugs. Approaching the listening device, the signal becomes louder and the LEDs flicker a variety of lights, this helps to identify the bug and defuse it.

There are the main advantages of hidden camera finder, such as high sensitivity and wide range detection range of the cameras, proven efficiency. Certification and laboratory tests proved good performance and efficiency in use. Due to the presence of the external antenna, bugging device detector is able to adjust the level of sensitivity of the instrument to detect low-frequency bugs. Latitude dynamic range allows the use of suppressor relationships in complex search conditions with the greatest efficiency. Due to this there is the possibility of determining the listening of signals of high and low frequencies. The small and compact size promotes ease of use.

Our catalog contains a variety of devices with different functionality and prices. We can recommend devices such as compact pocket type, and more cumbersome types, but all of them are an effective models with a large radius of action.