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GPS Scrambler: Portable and Desktop

The defense of the car is very considerable condition of each vehicle owner. Particularly acute problem is in periods of economic crisis, when the attackers are being activated, and the number of stolen cars increases. A popular method make a good control is very affordable — purchase and install a GPS scrambler (GPS tracker). Car GPS tracker is a technical device that receives data from GPS and GLONASS satellites, then send it to the phone or computer of the owner to monitor with the car's location.

With the help of monitoring system it is possible to control the transportation online on the server or by using a mobile phone that has the ability to Internet admission. Also, there is the possibility of tracking a car via SMS, which can come to several phones. Satellite monitoring equipment is an auto-tracker and GSM\GPS antenna. Tracker is a reliable, sensitive instrument, which has a built-in GSM and GPS modules, memory and microcontroller, and is used for receiving and transmitting information via GPRS about the object. This compact device has mounted shock sensors, motion and tilt, and GPS, GLONASS - modules, satellite navigation, GSM–alarm system. The power of the gps scrambler for car is the battery. GSM\GPS antenna receives the GSM network signal or GPS signals from satellites and transmits them to the GPS tracker. Of course, such control of the fleet owners and large companies today just indispensable. System GPS and GLONASS tracking allow to track the illegal actions of the driver and the technical condition of the car to help in the selection of optimal routes and protect cars from hacking and theft.

Satellite tracking system with installed sensors control fuel for car, allows round-the-clock online monitoring of motor transport and to reduce the mileage and to make the fuel savings up to 30%. Trackers are used for the surveillance of cargo, air, river transport, buses.

The principle of working of a Car GPS blocker based on the system GPS and GLONASS. The tracker receives signals from satellites, determines the coordinates of the object followed by the tracking, speed, and direction of the facility movement. Then after equal time intervals transmits the data via GPRS connection to the server tracking. Also, the data is sent in form of SMS messages directly to the owner through the channel of the cellular operators GSM network. If the object falls into the "dead zone" coverage GSM (no cell signal), all data is stored to the memory of the tracker and when a signal is immediately sent to the server and mobile phone that allows you to realize total control over the object.

The main task of GPS scrambler for car is to recognize the real location of the car or other transport vehicle. There are the main functions of the GPS Scrambler that ensures the best operation of the device:

Getting the coordinates from GLONASS satellites and GPS. The exact location is determined by GPS Scramblers, which are equipped with both chips.

GSM and GPRS module. With the help of GSM SIM card GPS tracker sends the results about location to the client. If the device supports data transfer GPRS, it is possible to track the location of a machine at exact time in a special application on the computer or smartphone.

Compact size. Than less a GPS tracker, the better it can be hidden in the car.

The ability to work from batteries. Working offline is a very important feature, which allows to refuse the device is connected to the wiring of the car.

The presence of interval mode. With this feature GPS tracker independently can be contacted after a specified period of time and send the coordinates of the car or other transport venicle.

The presence of the accelerometer (motion sensor). Thanks to the accelerometer, the GPS tracker can be configured to begin to transmit information only in case if the vehicle has started moving. This kind of feature will allow the thief to identify that GSM or GPS signals come from the car. In addition, in the standalone mode, the mode significantly extends the "life" of the batteries up to several years.

The possibility of including the wiretapping of the cabin. After activating this function the GPS tracker will give a signal to the owner and will start to broadcast the sounds which are published in close proximity of the device.

The waterproof case. Resistant to moisture GPS tracker can be installed not only in the headliner or the trunk, but outside of the car ot other transport vehicle, for example, under his bottom.

To ensure the invisibility of the device, select the interval operation mode. This mode does not allow attackers to detect the tracker signal of vehicle GPS scrambler. Set the interval equal to one day. Activate triggering of accelerometer readings on the motion. You will immediately receive a notification if without your knowledge the vehicle began moving. This mode will also be useful at the beginning of the evacuation of your car. In this case, you can get back to the Parking spot before driving a tow truck and to avoid paying the impound yard. Activate the tracker transmit coordinates via GPRS Protocol, and install the branded application on smartphone. This will greatly simplify device regulation and control over the transport moving.