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Counter Spy Equipment

A sufficiently large percentage of people use the counter spy equipment to ensure personal privacy. The goals pursued by the owners of such devices are different: businessmen, struggling with information leakage, people who want to visit the opera or theater, want to spend their time with peace, teachers are interested their students would not using the cheats during knowledge testing. Blocking is carried out at various special institutions or government buildings. Silencers are used to neutralize the transmission of signals from an espionage device recording information also.

Device to detect electronic bugs is a very useful mechanism. Each of us probably faced with blocking in action. Many of this is simply not noticed, considering the lack of communication problems in the network. The usage of a jammer during a military operation is understandable and logical, but why do some people bring a blocker into the office, in the meeting room or somewhere else? It's all about ethics. The vast majority of citizens simply forget about the existence of confidential information privacy and use this fact for spying. That`s why you have to resort to the use of communication blockers.Anyone can use the jammer to avoid leakage of important detailed information. Often such a leak can have unfortunate consequences. Sweeping for bugs is a signal generator that is emitted in the same frequency range where cellular communication devices operate - 900/1800 MHz. The signal that the communication suppressor generates is quite powerful, but does not carry absolutely any information. It just drowns the signal, thereby blocking the device.

Any information can be a subject to the threat of hacking and theft. Suppressors of a signal become the universal decision of such threat. The principle of their work is based to interception of short-frequency radio waves of bugs and their jamming. An important difference from the traditional suppressors of spy signal from cellular operators is the availability of special software that not only catches the signal, but also blocks its further distribution. Thanks to valuable overwhelming functions, these devices have found a worthy application from the protection of tricky spy things, spy systems and wiretapping bugs that operate over the radio waves. Rf camera detectors  can be both miniature in size and fit in the pocket of trousers, and present whole massive blocks for the protection and security of personal information of entire buildings. Everything depends on the specific needs of the client. After contacting our managers, you will get more detailed information. If you have any questions, we will gladly reply them!