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Anti Drone Solutions

UAV quadcopters and drones have become a very popular weapon for people who want to compromise confidentiality of other people. In our online store Alljammers we have identified the anti drone solutions in different types, what will help you to make the right choice and protect your private territory and information, even if someone is trying to spy on you from the air. Currently, drones are popular for shooting stunning video and photo materials, as the market of drone zappers is also developing rapidly. They are easily accessible not only for law enforcement/government officials, but also for commercial agencies and for usual people. Nevertheless, there is always the risk of malicious and excessive usage of flying quadcopters.

Drone Jammer is a blocking device that disables unwanted UAVs from their ground control system, prevents their GPS/GLONASS signal, as well as commonly used frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Thus, drones that subjected to an electromagnetic attack are neutralized and lose contact with the control station. In the category anti drone you will find a big assortment of the drones. Our stock is constantly updated. The price differs depending on the range of interference and the number of frequencies that are indicated in description. Anti uav systemgives an effective, quiet and fast solution to combat with flying spying gadgets without any harm to human health.

Our company offers a number of technical tools that can neutralize the drone by selectively blocking the control signals. Countermeasures against drones are applied to suppress the signals, make it go down, reject the transfer of photo and video data from flying facilities to the operator and force the operator to lose control. In other words, interference systems gives the intentional emission of frequency signals to lock UAV in a particular sector or territory. The interference counter uas systems are controlled by special software that is used to selectively control the channels used by the UAV and choose the most corresponding ways to respond to emerging dangers.The antenna installation must be completed first before the power supply is connected. Never remove the antenna when the main unit is in working order.The droneshield should be placed in places with good ventilation.