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ECM Jammer - Electronic Counter-Measure Jammer

Cordless industry is changed very quickly nowadays. Many useful innovations have been developed, but also many threats arises which can bring harm to the privacy of every person. Ecm jammer is a tool to avoid the information loss and eavesdropping. If you have already noticed, there are huge quantity of suppressors in the market, they all operate on the same principle, but can vary in various positions, the power of the outgoing signal, the set of suppressed frequencies, have different characteristics in description and working in the frequencies of the emitted signals. Both portable wireless signal jammer and desktop one, work almost in the same way. Signal scramblers, designed to lock the signal in a certain area, emit signals of a certain frequency and power.

In general, the interference generator, which people calls in the common a scrambling device, is a mechanism that transmits generated radio signals in a certain range of radio electronic frequencies. The signal cutters are designed to obstruct or completely block any electronic devices by using information transmission at a certain frequency. At the same time, need to note that the purposeful creation of interference that can hinder the operation of connection of third parties is punishable by law. Jammers should be used only for own safe and keeping confidentiality. Therefore, before using such a device, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the possible consequences. Working principle of all electronic device jammers is the same. They broadcast information on the frequency that is equal with the device the work of which must be stopped. That's why it is important to know what frequency exactly you want to suppress by your scrambler. When the frequence of the device and jammer are not the same, there will not be any result and you will be not satisfied. After switching on the signal blocker, you make it to broadcast signals at a certain frequency, if it's a jamming of mobile phones, then the frequency will be 900/1800 MHz, if it's a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi suppressor, then - 2.4 GHz, 5Ghz and so on. These signals don`t carry any specific information or data and can be called simply white noise. Their advantage is that in this white noise a useful data-bearing signal is getting simply lost. Thus, any frequency blocker makes a noise field of a certain frequency and with a certain radius around itself.

Specialists of our online store propose to purchase wholesale signal killers for supplying the territories of government buildings, military services, prisons, security objects, developing manufacturers and other premises for protecting commercial or private life. We propose various high-tech blockers, performing blocking tasks for controlling any certain territory. The enemies or just inadequate people look for reasons to find a way to obtain important informative materials. If you are successful person in society, or just usual individual, you have to take care about your reputation and confidentiality. Purchase a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth blocker and your requirements will be satisfied. In our store we offer a big assortment of mobile jammer online shopping for your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We will give detailed answer and will help you to choose a perfect device.