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Scramble WiFi Signal

Dependence of a person on the Internet is gaining actuality, because it is impossible now to deny the constant connection of an individual person with the network, through which he receives any information to meet general educational, working and entertainment needs. In addition, modern people spend a lot of time writing messages, blogs in social networks or surfing various web pages. This factor can be used as a so-called lever of pressure on a particular person. Probably, each of us has ever faced the problem of noisy neighbors, with whom it is impossible to construct a constructive dialogue about the fact that one can behave a little less loudly. We recommend you communicate legally, but if nothing helps, then you should act more radically, and most importantly, to be unnoticed. For example you can drown out the wifi-signal of uncomprehending claims of roommates or neighbors around the flat. This method is discussed in more detail in this article. Scramble wifi signal is consigned to block the work of wifi signal devices, including those that illegally receive definite information. Usually, such devices operate on the basis of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards. 

The main working principle of signal suppressor is special generation of noise interference in the established frequency range. Such device as a jammer allows to adjust smoothly the power required to suppress the signal of the router in any of the ranges. This allows you to implement a wireless lock, the source of which is the router within the protected premises. 

Wifi jammer circuit can prevent wireless data transmission from the following devices:




the tablet;

a personal computer;

• another gadgets that support the wireless network feature.

The blocking range of such devices designed to scramble wifi signal is directly dependent on the conditions by which it operates, as well as the installed signal strength of the main stations and neighboring terminals. Standard signal suppressing range for jammer devices is 30 meters and more. Multifrequency wifi signal jammer for sale operate in a large number of ranges. They will help the user to mute GSM, CDMA, 3G signals and others. In our catalog you will be able to find cheap wifi jammers and high priced devices. You can make a good choice as per your needs.