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Stop GPS Tracking!

Modern technologies and opportunities are becoming more accessible and often used for a wide range of people, both for the individual and for small and medium-sized businesses. Also GPS tracking (tracking in real time on the map of the location of drivers, couriers, assembly teams, sales representatives, children, etc., as well as viewing statistics of their movements and stops) is now becoming more and more popular service, both for home conditions and for businesses. Everyone can apply a GPS tracker, but there are always times when you want to be hidden from prying eyes. To stop gps tracking that not any device in the world could determine the coordinates of a person and a car, gps jammers are used.

To drive around the city or off-road in the car and to remain invisible - a dream that ceased to be a reality several years ago. Progress moves ahead, the devices that can block GPS signals appeared on the market - they called tracker signal blockers. Employees of companies that are engaged in cargo transportation, courier drivers can also use signal suppressors. This is a good opportunity to completely hide from prying eyes. It is enough to install such a device inside the own car, switch it on and it will block the signal within a radius of 5 to 15 meters, which means drivers can be sure they will disappear from the sight of all curious observers.

Standard jammers for vehicles are usually installed inside the cabin, by connecting them to the power supply system of the car. Their range of blocking is several meters. But there are other options for such devices that will block the gps signal not only in the car, but also from the outside.

Features of universal silencers look like this: the ability to drown out not only a gps beacon, but a mobile phone, an Internet connection and other frequences - this multifunctionality is achieved due to the fact that the device can operate in all available ranges; compact dimensions - the jamming unit can easily be placed in a car, taken with you, or can be put in an inconspicuous place.

The greater the range of scrambling action, the better it is for the driver of a big car. For a small cars you can use such devices with a minimum range of action. To quickly switch on or mute the gps jammer equipment, just press the desired button, the system will immediately start or stop its operating and you will see how to confuse gps tracking. Before buying a silencer, it is worth to explore its features, to find out exactly how it eliminates the signal, how much it consumes energy and other information. This will help the driver at any time to use the device and be out of range. Gps jammers have a different price range, it all depends on power, range, design etc. We provide a quality products that have a 100% result in the work.