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Bomb Jammer for Military Forces

In the current world`s situation the usage of explosive installation is not longer as something complicated. Everyone can find instructions in Internet and construct a small bomb by own hands. law enforcement authorities receive more and more signals every day regarding the fact that explosive devices are found in different places. To solve such a problem we need not only an urgent reaction, but also the availability of special equipment, which allows to make the process of checking and demining the bomb safe for a sapper. One of the most evaluable devices in this branch is the bomb jammer.

The sence of the functioning of this device is its ability to suppress signals from the main control panel, creating interference and preventing the signal from the main device from flowing to the explosive mechanism. Without getting such a signal, an explosive device that is managed remotely can not be activated. To ensure the maximum efficiency of the remote control jammer, they must be properly tuned. Only in this case they will be able to accurately find and cover the desired frequency range. That is why the scrambler of radio-controlled devices is completely safe for the rest of the sappers instruments.

In most cases the locking devices are made in the form of cases, where the rest of the necessary equipment is also placed. The cost of suppressors of radio-controlled dangerously explosive jammers depends on many factors, such as: range of action - the greater the distance at which the device can suppress the signals of explosive devices, the higher its price; power and the ability to adjust certain frequencies; availability of autonomous power supply, which allows using the devices in any conditions.

Given the fact that terrorists are usually not in the bombing area and prefer to activate their explosive devices at a distance using radio equipment, such a suppressor is the only and most effective method of securing sappers while they find the exact place of the bomb and can neutralize it. Using the high frequency jammers allows the sappers to save extra time, which is the most valuable resource when searching for a bomb. It should be noted that such devices can be used not only in the process of searching for a bomb. Ied jammer manufacturers propose people a huge quantity of different types of blocking sets for safety. Blockers can work continuously in vehicles carrying the leaders of companies, governments and countries. Typically, such device is mounted in the luggage compartment of a car and is configured in such a way that the suppressor covers not only the vehicle, but also a bit larger area.

Suppressors of signals of this level can also be installed at schools, banks and other buildings where a large quantity of people is. You can ask our professional managers to help you to choose the most effective device that can provide the maximum level of protection against explosive devices.

High-power suppressors of this level can also differ in the way they take high-power:


with constant power supply from the network;

mobile - for transport in the car;

stationary with a waterproof housing - can be installed on the street.

A standard set of suppressors of radio-controlled explosive devices includes a charger, which can also be used as a power supply unit for operation in stationary conditions. Most of modern countries are installing high frequency jammers within railway stations also, which helps to ensure maximum passenger safety, which has a paramount importance in conflict regions. In the market there are presented as universal variants that block all frequencies at once, as well as simpler variants, allowing to lock the signal only at a certain frequency. Thus, the suppressors of bomb devices are unique devices capable of scrambling the signals and preventing remote activation of the mines and bombs.