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Do GPS Jammers Really Work?

Signal blockers of global positioning systems began to gain popularity relatively recently. While most of motorists equipped their vehicles with navigators, some people already felt the need to protect themselves from the all-seeing view of satellites hanging in space. GPS systems are excellent at tracking the location and movement of sensors. But it also provides unprecedented opportunities for surveillance. It is enough to install an inconspicuous sensor on any car in order to be aware of all its movements with high accuracy. To avoid such actions, people began to use various types of jammers capable of suppressing signals of information exchange with satellites. Do gps jammers really work?

The principle of GPS jammers working is quite simple. Of course, they are not able to suppress and kill the whole signal of the satellite, but perfectly suppress signals from sensors located at a certain distance from the scrambler. Gprs jammers create a kind of noise at the frequencies of the satellites. As these frequencies are close (1575.42 MHz for GPS and 1602 MHz for GLONASS), one jammer is capable of blocking the signals of both systems. In order not to interfere with the actions of other drivers, the power of such devices should not be extra high. The usual range of action should not exceed 12-15 meters. This is quite enough to cover whole your car with an invisible cap, without creating problems for others. For tracking systems the car will be designated as standing at the same place and not moving. Of course, such kinds of car gps signal blocker is used not only by law-abiding citizens. For example, truckers often use GLONASS jammers to hide their actions from employers during the day. Hijackers also take into account the fact that most new expensive foreign cars are also equipped with tracking sensors. But for those, and for others, sooner or later, there comes a disappointment in their actions. But many ordinary drivers use such a device with the plausible goals, as scramblers can greatly facilitate a life if any attempts to be tracked arise.

The cost of GPS jammers is acceptable and comparable to the cost of an inexpensive navigators - the price varies from a specific model. A wide assortment of the tracker jammers for sale you can find in our store. Generally it is pretty easy to use GPS jammers. Gps blocker cigarette lighter, as a rule, are connected to the car cigarette lighter power supply and do not require additional settings, it immediately start to proceed the main operation. Some drivers fear that the suppressor will also jam cell phones, but modern jammers operate in a very narrow range and do not have any effect on mobile communications. The only device that stops to work in the blocking area is a car navigator. But it is necessary to understand and to choose what is most important for the driver in the particular situation. To know more details how to block a tracker on a van you can contact with our managers, you will get answers on all your questions.