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Drone Scrambler - Countermeasure Against a Wide Range of Drone Models

The purpose of the drone scramblers is to minimize threats related to illegal penetration or surveillance of activities at the certain facility. The fast development of unmanned technologies, the general availability of drones and quadrocopters, and the simplicity in their operation opens up plenty of opportunities for violation of the security regime at various objects and everyday life. Illegal penetration into the protected area can have the different goals,such as transporting dangerous prohibited substances and objects to the site, theft or acts of a wrecking or terrorist nature or spying and eavesdropping. Unfortunately, even today all these actions can be carried out remotely with the usage of drones. Modern quadcopters have enough good cargo capacity, for example, to transfer weapons and drugs to the prison territory, take radioactive materials from the nuclear power plant, carrying an explosive device to the stadium etc. Our company is presenting a counter uav concept that can disrupt the working of an unmanned aircraft.

Ordinary amateur drones that raised in the air and switched to hovering mode on a glide path of takeoff or landing of aircraft, can lead to a malfunction in the airport or collision with an airplane. Illegal surveillance of private life, military and industrial espionage also has become a simple task for most models of drones, as they are equipped with high-resolution cameras that can broadcast vedeos, images and voice records to the operator's base in real time. The measure of these new threats is growing rapidly together with the growth of the world market of drone kits. Weekly reports about incidents with drones in the largest airports, placing the drone signal scramblers and drone neutralization in stadiums during the championships, hurriedly equipping prisons with means to protect against quadrocopters - all this indicates that the problem is not only well known, but also an active decisions are employed.

An active protection from the UAV, so called killer drone is carried out by means of the control signal suppression equipment and the video transmission channel from the camera of the quadcopter, as well as the jamming of signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites. When the drone blocker is switched on, the possibility of image transmission during video capturing by the copter is getting lost, and further penetration of the UAV into the protected area is prevented. The drone which has lost contact with the operator and GPS, will automatically return to the starting point or hang in place until the end of the battery charge. Even short-term activation of the drone rf jammer will force the operator of the drone to stop flights near the facility equipped with a system to protect against drones. Such methods of combating unmanned aerial vehicles minimize risks for people and private property. The usage of drone jammers insures a safe countermeasure against a various range of dronesFeel free to contact our managers to get more information.