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High Power Mobile Phone Jammer

Nowadays anonymity is especially important, and people look for any opportunity to protect yourself from unwanted listening of personal telephone conversations. From now on all the conversations over the phone in which you participate will remain all your personal data in safety and no one outsider can enter them, in spite of all efforts or desires. In addition, you will get the opportunity to hold all meetings, negotiations and important meetings in peace and quiet, no longer fearing spontaneous and intrusive phone calls. Do you think this is impossible? There is an answer - the high power mobile phone jammer.

The jammer for the phone is a compact and reliable equipment in business centers, conference rooms, cultural institutions, medical institutions and even in private homes. If you do not want a certain method of communication would be available fo others at a particular time at a certain location, activate a high-powered jamming cell phone. Depending on the model of lte blocker, you can choose to suppress one or more communication channels in a certain radius. In our catalog the jammers are presented with a wide price range and with various functions: negotiation protection systems, cellular mufflers, microphone jammers, noise generators, wireless Internet signal silencers, voice recorder dampers and much more.

Silencers of signals of stationary or portable type effectively work inside or outside of the buildings. They can suppress up to four frequency bands simultaneously or selectively. Depending on the location of the base station, the range of such devices can vary. If you are looking for a powerful 3g blocker, we recommend to buy a cell phone jammer, a wireless signal suppressor for modern 3G, Wi-Fi, GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks. The equipment can work in close proximity to base stations, among a large number of reinforced concrete structures. Powerful 4g cellphone jammers are indispensable in the following situations: to ensure confidentiality and protection from information leakage - at defense enterprises, in meeting rooms, research institutes of a particularly important profile; to ensure silence - in theaters, libraries, scientific conferences; to prevent the negative impact of networks on the operation of equipment - in medical institutions, testing centers, laboratories.

Also it is worth to note that anti mobile jammer device - this is your personal security guard. If you are planning any serious events - use this device to keep the conversation confidential. Modern cell phone jammers have many modifications and provide various possibilities to their owners. If you are considering the possibility of purchasing a high range mobile jammer, but have not decided yet which one will be optimally purchased, please contact our specialists who are able to consult at a professional level and provide comprehensive assistance in choosing the best equipment for implementing corporate and personal security. The usage of modern capabilities provides many advantages for preventing leakage of information of different levels of significance.