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2.4 GHz Blocker for Home and Office

The jammers of mobile and cordless Wi-Fi networks are designed to ensure your safety, to protect the space of your private property from unwanted telephone conversations, eavesdropping on cellular communication channels and information leakage on channels of the mobile Internet, wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks with help of wireless cameras and bugs. Also, when using a signal interrupter the activity of most wireless devices will be blocked, which in 99% of cases work in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

Typically, this jammer device is used where the usage of mobile phone and Internet access is forbidden or undesirable (at the office or meeting room), as well as personal protection of confidential information (such as in a private apartment or house). 2.4 ghz blocker generates radio intervention at frequency bands GSM 800/900/1800/1900 MHz, 2100 Мгц 3G, LTE-4G 800/2600 and with frequency 2400 MHz which employs Wi-Fi / Bluetooth networks and most spy cameras and bugs. Jammers inhibits all connections and makes it impossible to transfer any information by any devices operating with these bands of frequency. Effective blocking range of Wi Fi and cell phone signals reaches 20 meters and depends on distance from base station or other transmitting unit, the link you want to mute, and battery level and even, for example, from the material of the walls in the building or model of mobile unit which you want to block.

Before the first usage it is necessary to tightly fasten the antenna to the appropriate connectors on the case of 2.4 ghz signal jammer, then fully charge the battery for several hours or connect to an outlet. From one charge the battery device is able to work autonomously till 2 hours, but if you connect the suppressor to the charger, it can work constantly. This suppressor was created with a stylish appearance in a traditional dark color, has no extra buttons, sensors or indicators that may confuse you, very easy in employment. The jamming device has not big weight therefore it can be used as a stationary device. You can customize it once, setting it in any desired room. Sale, purchase and use of 2.4 ghz frequency jammer and cordless networks blockers to ensure personal safeness and within your private property is not contrary to applicable law. However, it is worth to remember you don't have right to prevent the usage of services to third persons in the public areas through various means of signal interrupter.