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How to Stop Drones over My House?

How many drones are used in our world? Thousands, millions? No one can definitely answer this question, but a quadrocopter is obviously one of the most popular gifts, so the number of people using it is uncountable. Flying devices of advanced technology are used as toys for children and adults, as well as in the professional work of public services and private firms. Meanwhile, even this modest toy on the remote control can already bring much troubles to people around. More and more complaints are received about unauthorized shooting, surveillance of personal life by using unmanned aerial vehicles - drones. A significant problem is the usage of remotely controlled drones and in terms of anti-terrorist danger. Quadrocopters can spray poisons, carry explosives at nuclear power plants, be used for illegally enter to the objects and perform photo and video shoots there.

Where does the boundary of personal space go over? It has never occurred to anyone this could be a problem. In a private house a fence is along the perimeter - that's the border. More precisely, it was before. And now? If you see a drone above your house, what should you do? How to stop drones over my house? The most appropriate moment to remember the existence of drone blockers. To prevent unauthorized flights over private territories, people began to use powerful drone interference.Their blocking system is designed specifically for lock quadrocopters and drones, to solve the problem as effectively as possible. Drones and quadcopters in most cases use several channels of information transfer. The most common are Wi-Fi, satellite GPS navigation, radio bands can also be used. Drone deactivators block GPS, RC, Wi-Fi signals at various frequencies. The radius of effective blocking area is from 200 to 2000 meters, depending on the terrain, signal strength and distance to the operator.

The scrambler makes drone disruption, breakdown the signal on the territory where blocker activates and cut the video and audio information transfer. The scrambler devices are very powerful and can protect against unauthorized interference in your life. At the same time it is important to remember that the usage of blockers should not extend to third parties and prevent them from using mobile communication services and the Internet without hindrance. Otherwise, you can break the law, which will lead to interference of law enforcement agencies. It is allowed to use drone scramblers only for your own purposes and safety. If you have more questions how to disable a drone in flight, specialists of our company will tell you about drone blocking technologies more precisely and will help to choose and buy the drone jammer.