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Military Jammer to Prevent Improvised Explosive Devices

Improvised explosive devices are one of the most dangerous weapons terrorists employs. More and more often mobile phone is used as a detonator. However, the military-industrial complex has developed a range of means of military jammer, that can not only disable the connection to the terrorists in the area of operation, but also to destroy the enemy drones or explosive devices. Therefore, the devices are used to save the lives of soldiers when realizing certain military tasks, or neutralization of criminals. Also, there is the probability of usage bombs in public places by inadequate people who intentionally harm others. The danger of being in the middle of a terrorist act with a homemade bomb, harming and killing the people near you, what can be worse. Military cell phone jammer can be used not only in the military field, so this could be a great decision to use the signal jammers in public areas, where a large crowd of people, to prevent mass death of civilians.

In the same way terrorists can use the tactics of double bombings that claim dozens of lives. First the suicide bomber can be undermined, and then, when the medics will help to the victims, or law enforcement will cordon off the place of the attack, there can be a second explosion. Most often it is pre-planted bomb with a radio controlled fuses, which is used as a normal mobile phone. To prevent the terrorist acts, the management of military bases agreed to use military signal jammers that can block the action of the bombs and to reduce attacks on military bases and on crowded places. Blocker mobile device is able to lock the signal of mobile phone, thereby to disable the interconnection of mobile and improvised bombs, appropriately neutralizing it. 

In addition, the transmitter blocker designed to combat with unauthorized access to confidential data. During the closed meetings and negotiations the blocking signal device covers the entire apartment, blocking the action of eavesdropping devices and prevent information leakage, and also increases the safety of confidential materials. Feel free to contact us for any additional information. We will gladly reply all questions.