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GPS Jammer Reviews - What to Choose?

The unique device generally referred to as GPS jammers (suppressor or GPS blocker) has been recently appeared in the trade of electronic navigation systems. The task of these portable device is protection from any attempts to identify the exact position by using GPS tracking. In this article we will give you the opportunity to see the short gps jammer reviewJamming system of the GPS signal designed to suppress the signal of a global system of satellite navigation GPS in the range of 1500-1600 MHz. The suppressor makes it impossible for the GPS satellite monitoring of cars and all vehicles via GPS, also the GPS bugs, and GPS trackers, the scrambler device does not interfere with cell phones and other devices. Gps jammer range can be from 5 to 15 meters, which is sufficient for cars and trucks car and buses, because the tracker is usually installed in the cabin inside the car. After the connection through the car cigarette lighter started , the device immediately begins its work and generates a radio noise (interference) in the range of 1500-1600 MHz (L1/L2) within a radius of 15 meters. These are the basic bands, which are all GPS-enabled devices, including tracking the trackers with which it is possible to track all the coordinates. After you switch on the navigation blocker, all the trackers which can identify your location by using GPS, stop receiving the signal and disappear from the screen of monitor.

More and more often people are faced with illegal gps tracking, accordingly, the suppressors of the GPS signals (jammers) can be practicable help for protecting against any attempts of spy tracking by the signals of the GPS tracker, installed in your car. A car jammer blocking GPS signal is powered from the cigarette lighter in the car. Very convenient, compact device that inhibits the GPS signal, perfect for being invisible to all kinds of GPS trackers, tracking the movement of any kind of vehicle or transport. Working principle of anti gps system is the generation of interference on the transmission frequency of the useful signal. The bigger the amplitude of the power noise generator is, the less probability to realize the connection of generation frequency of noise and the bigger the radius of influence of the interference is.

There are 3 types of venichle GPS scrambler:

1.GPS jammer, which is blocking the satellites signals (rather, it generates a noise in the satellite frequency). Always the signals are transmitted to devices located on the ground (or in the air) at two main frequencies: frequency GPS (civilian L1 band, which is used in trackers) is 1575.42 MHz. Frequency GLONASS (civilian L1 band, which is used in trackers): 1602 MHz. As the frequencies are very close, they are blocked with broadband noise generator that requires only one antenna.

2) GSM jammer, which is making interference at frequencies of mobile operators. Operators working at different frequencies depending on the mode (Edge, 3G, 4G) and depending on the standard (GSM, DAMPS, CDMA). So, a few antennas are installed on the blocker device to close all the ranges, which work separately.

3) Universal jammer. It works with all bands as mobile operators and satellite signals as well. It has multiple antennas for generating interference on the selected ranges. Also it`s often provides the possibility of selective operation, that is the ability to generate noise only on a selected frequency (e.g., only the range of cellular communications standard GSM 1800).

Please note that the usage of the GPS jammers is legal in case if you use them for personal security and privacy, but if you deprive third parties of the ability to use various GPS signals, then you violate human rights and the law. If you still do not know how to scramble gps signal, please feel free to contact our manager, we will help you to get more information and to choose a good item you need. Be sure, in our store you can buy the car jammer device as per your requirements.