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2.4 GHz Blocker for Home and Office

The jammers of mobile and cordless Wi-Fi networks are designed to ensure your safety, to protect the space of your private property from unwanted telephone conversations, eavesdropping on cellular communication channels and information leakage on channels of the mobile Internet, wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks with help of wireless cameras and bugs. Also, when using a signal interrupter the activity of most wireless devices will be blocked, which in 99% of cases work in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

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How to Stop Drones over My House?

How many drones are used in our world? Thousands, millions? No one can definitely answer this question, but a quadrocopter is obviously one of the most popular gifts, so the number of people using it is uncountable. Flying devices of advanced technology are used as toys for children and adults, as well as in the professional work of public services and private firms.

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Military Jammer to Prevent Improvised Explosive Devices

Improvised explosive devices are one of the most dangerous weapons terrorists employs. More and more often mobile phone is used as a detonator. However, the industrial complex has developed a range of means of military jammer, that can not only disable the connection between the terrorists in the area of operation, but also to destroy the explosive devices. 

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History of Mobile Jammer - Did You Know That?

After the first cell phones appeared, mobile phone scramblers began to be developed very quickly. Even the most progressive citizens who follow the novelties of electronics do not always know about all the possibilities of these devices. Modern mobile devices are used not only in everyday life, but also not for peaceful purposes. Industrial espionage, blackmail - not all fraudulent activities, it is just a small part of the actions in which cellular phones are involved.

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WiFi Signal Stopper - State of Privacy

The actual problem today is the leakage of personal data and important information which may be result of financial losses and personal problems. In the modern era, the leakage is most often carried out by means of the Internet, where serious data is stored. To avoid this and to prevent criminals to carry out conceived thoughts, people use suppressors of wireless communication – Wi Fi.

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GPS Jammer Reviews - What to Choose?

The unique device generally referred to as GPS jammers (suppressor or GPS blocker) has been recently appeared in the trade of electronic navigation systems. The task of these portable device is protection from any attempts to identify the exact position by using GPS tracking. In this article we will give you the opportunity to see the short gps jammer review.

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What's a Cell Phone Jammer?

A mobile phone after special preparation can be used as an espionage device, to receive sound and video from it from the distance. At once we start to think how to prevent it? What`s a cell phone jammer? Cellular blockers have been actively used by many western companies for several years already With their help the leaders of any organization can be sure of full attention of all participants in the meeting, focusing on important issues, ensuring compliance with regulations, and improving information security.

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Prison Jammer - Say NO to Mobile Phones

There are several principles of phone blockers operation. The simplest is a mobile jamming device, the production of which does not require special expenses. On the walls inside the room, or outside, special panels are installed, passively blocking the signals. After a call attempt starts to act, the control signal is blocked. As a result, the suppressor of telephone sets block incoming calls.

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Audio Recording Jammer - How to Protect Your Data?

Protection of information is a necessary measure if your everyday life or business related to confidential data. You can provide storage for important papers or videos by placing them in a safe place. But most often the danger comes from the side of third persons whose presence is obligatory during business negotiations, so at this point it is better to have jammers of microphones, of listening devices and audio recorders. What is the audio recording jammer?

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How to Block WiFi Signal?

Most people evaluate the freedom of action and mobility. People keep in touch with each other with the help of Wi Fi Internet which is the most advanced today. Wireless communication is used for the Internet, mobile connection, for various conferences. In spite of all the advantages of the popular Wi Fi standard, wireless Internet has the disadvantages that threaten the theft of personal data via the transfer of information.

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Anti UAV Technology - New Era of Privacy

Anti drone devices are the modern integrated system of territory protection from penetration of all types of unmanned aerial vehicles, which is used for detection and tracking of UAVS/UAV, as well as retaliatory actions for their neutralization and elimination. If to take into consideration that the diversity of possible threats of attacks in the world, where people are not directly involvedare getting wider, the control of anti uav technology (UAVs)

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What is a Radio Frequency Detector?

The radio frequency detectors mostly are used as wireless (wifi) detectors, bug detectors, gps trackers, cell phone jammers, radio frequency signal detectors , or to be used in an radio frequency blocker scheme, they are able to defend wireless video cameras and audio transmitting devices, so-called bugging beetles. They are able to determine their location with the least false triggering.

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