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How Do You Block a GPS Signal?

Most of GPS jammers are deviced for military purposes, for example, in order to mislead the enemy about what their exact location is, or to prevent the use of GPS-guided missiles. However, there are the civil purposes for jamming GPS signals with GPS suppressors, including, for example, the ability to get hidden in cases if you are tracked by a GPS receiver.

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Camera Bug Detector - Secrets to Finding Hidden Devices

With each passing day spy goods are becoming more common, scientific and technological progress has made it possible to make this equipment cheap and easily accessible. Spy toys are freely sold in any store, but only the result of their use often turns out to be quite serious. If you do not want spyware to ruin your career, business, destroy your family or reputation, use professional equipment to search the bugs. 

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Cell Phone Jammer For Office

Since the beginning of cell phone progress our lives have radically changed, and now it is simply impossible to imagine communication and business without this device. But, although such a link has many positive qualities, its safety still causes considerable doubts. The mobile phone is also susceptible to virus attacks. In this case, even if the phone just lies on the table, it does not mean that it is passive, it is quite possible at that moment it transmits the received information.

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Phantom Jammer - Disable Unwanted Drone Flights

Blocking drone signal system was especially consigned to neutralize unauthorized drones/quadcopters by using the most advanced components and technologies. The set of blocking signal frequencies allows to muffle all known and available models of UAVs and drones, as well as blocking models such as Dji phantom jammer 4, phantom 3 Professional.

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WiFi Signal Scrambler - Specifications and Details

In spite of all the advantages of the well-known WiFi signal, wireless Internet has some disadvantages that can threaten the theft of confidential data during the transmit of information. After illegally connect to the computer, mobile or installing eavesdropping and peeping devices in the premises of the office, intruders can stealthily carry out hidden tracking, using the data obtained for selfish and unseemly tasks. Successfully to solve this problem is possible will help of wifi signal scrambler - a compact device with a large selection of models and various characteristics.

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Radio Frequency Disruptor - 5 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know Before

In the modern era any person of the world needs to protect the private information, because the leakage of serious negotiations, for example, can lead to large material losses and other problems with not good consequences. To steal important data, scammers and employees of competing enterprises use eavesdropping devices. Radio frequency disruptor should be used to neutralize them. The jamming of radio signals is a device with small dimensions, blocking needed television and radio channels.

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Cell Phone Blocker for Schools

A decade and a half ago we could not even expect that mobile communication technology, becoming available to all age categories, would turn into a problem that would affect on educational institutions. In addition to the harmful effects of mobile devices on the health of children, the frequent thefts in the school walls of expensive gadgets, the usual childish envy of those students who are with better mobile phone, cell phones directly go on to reduce the quality of school activities, greatly absorbing the attention of students.

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RF Signal Jammer: Types and Characteristics

A radio frequency blockers are needed to block the employment of cellular communication devices in a limited area or a certain zone. People turn to rf signal jammer for various reasons: at business enterprices, through the using of this device, block the channels of data leakage, they are often used as mobile phones.Communication blockers are mostly used in cinemas, theaters and other cultural institutions where silence is desirable. Also device can be used by politicians and celebrities, as a means of curbing the invasion of privacy.

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3G and 4G Blockers - How to Use Them?

Mobile devices are available to almost every citizen of the world. From time to time the mobile phone beeps distract us during the business meeting, disturb at performances, during negotiations, at the cinema, etc. In addition, mobile devices can be used for secretly retrieving information. To prevent the work of mobile phones at apartments where it is completely undesirable, a special type of devices is used - 4g signal jammer, which can block many communication channels, such as 3G, 4G.

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Anti-Spy Detector: Do You Know Where a Camera is Hidden?

Protection of private property and confrontation from different kinds of wiretaps working on cellular channels and information leakage is a major task. Spies can employ the mini-cameras in different buildings, transport, offices. The main aim of spy devices is to get the photo - or video recording of the environment in natural conditions, informational materials about a particular object or a person.

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How to Legally Take Down a Drone?

UAVs (drones and quadcopters) are the modern unmanned aerial vehicles, performing a flight without a pilot (crew) on board and operated in flight automatically, by an operator from a control point or by a combination of these methods. Fast development and usage of the drones began not so long time ago. Drones are employed for shooting various objects and events from the air. Today there is a sharp increase of the number of unmanned aerial vehicles in a worldwide.

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What is GPS Jamming?

Currently, to keep control of your private conversations is very important, because with the era of technology, everyone can hear the conversation with the help of special spy devices and track the location. Many people who want to find out useful confidential material are engaged in listening and spying the certain people. Today is not difficult to buy any spy device. If previously, such devices could afford only wealthy businessmen, today they are available for almost all segments of the population.

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