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It was long ago when most people looked at the owner of a cell phone with surprise, because today every modern person has at least an inexpensive cell phone but a working one. Not only cell phone jammer manufacturers, who constantly produce new equipment, decided to take advantage of such a wide spread of phones, but also various attackers, who actively steal confidential information from people using such communication means, did.

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How to Block Internet Signal?

The progress of science and technology has brought a lot of convenience to people, as well as many problems. WiFi frequency bands are widely used to get access to the World Information Computer Network - Internet. The issue of protecting and saving private data and considerable information is the most sagnificant subject of discussion, because a leakage of them can lead to material losses and troublesHow to block internet signal?

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GSM Signal Blocking Device

What is security for each of us? It is the guarantee of a quiet and calm life. People do not just want to feel safe at own home, but would like to be safe on the street no matter where they are going and where are planning to spend time. How can we be sure in full security in all spheres of life, if it seems not quite realistic? There is a way that can help to protect confidential information of people.

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What is Bug Detector?

The abundance of all kinds of eavesdropping devices entails the need to create a kind of equipment that would protect a person from unauthorized receipt by other persons of confidential information. And such adaptations exists - bug detector. Different types of bug jammers have their own versions, aimed at fighting with one or another type of wiretapping. A jammer can perform such functions: create acoustic noises, block the work of a wiretap, interfere with its operation.

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Bomb Jammer for Military Forces

In the current world`s situation the usage of explosive installation is not longer as something complicated. Everyone can find instructions in Internet and construct a small bomb by own hands. law enforcement authorities receive more and more signals every day regarding the fact that explosive devices are found in different places.

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Do GPS Jammers Really Work?

Signal blockers of global positioning systems began to gain popularity relatively recently. While most of motorists equipped their vehicles with navigators, some people already felt the need to protect themselves from the all-seeing view of satellites hanging in space. GPS systems are excellent at tracking the location and movement of sensors. But it also provides unprecedented opportunities for surveillance.

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How to Block 4G Signal?

Technology 4G is an advanced, promising generation of mobile communications, the characteristics of which include the following factors: high data transfer rate, as well as improved voice communication quality. It is also worth noting that the 4G format operates on previously unknown frequencies. In fact, due to this technology, devices that monitor the range of 3G signals, step by step, put forward their more "improved" partners. 

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Drone Scrambler - Countermeasure Against a Wide Range of Drone Models

The purpose of the drone scramblers is to minimize threats related to illegal penetration or surveillance of activities at the certain facility. The fast development of unmanned technologies, the general availability of drones and quadrocopters, and the simplicity in their operation opens up plenty of opportunities for violation of the security regime at various objects and everyday life.

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Alljammers - Jammer Store No.1

It is not a secret the information technology in our time is developing as swiftly as never before. Almost every citizen has any electronic device. Such words as a smartphone, laptop, WiFi or Bluetooth are no longer surprising. But, in spite of all the usefulness and interestingness of technology development in this direction, in this area there are also a lot of technologies that can harm our lives.

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High Power Mobile Phone Jammer

Nowadays anonymity is especially important, and people look for any opportunity to protect yourself from unwanted listening of personal telephone conversations. From now on all the conversations over the phone in which you participate will remain your personal data, which no one outsider can enter, in spite of all efforts or desires. Do you think this is impossible? There is an answer - the high power mobile phone jammer.

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Drone Jamming Technology - Benefits of UAV Jammers

Today more and more people complain about spying on their personal lives and unauthorized shooting by drones or so called unmanned aerial vehicles. Quadcopters are pretty well-known today, they are often used to capture important events or certain objects from the air. As the technologies do not stand on the same place, new and more advanced models of drones are being created every day that can turn your personal life into an object for espionage activities for particularly curious.

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RCIED Jammers - Disruption of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device

Rcied jammers is an autonomous transmitter of intentional interference operating in the frequency bands used by radio-controlled explosive devices. This fully configurable modular system is characterized by high speed of operation and easy maintenance. The blocking device can be installed inside buildings for internal acting, can be used as part of mobile connections, can be set in the vehicle cabin.

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