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Jammer to prevent leakage of private information

Privacy is quickly becoming a growing concern. There are more and more people argue on privacy invasions. The intruders do everything possible to find out all your secrets to harm you and your family. They take advantage of high tech GPS tracking devices or radio video spying kits to steal all your private information.

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Wifi jammer to prevent leakage of important information

With the quick development of technology, people addicted to modern sevices especially to mobile phones. People use mobile phones everywhere they want as they do not care about feeling of others. The one may start loud conversation in public places: cinema, theatre, meeting room or hospital, however it distracts and irritates a lot of people around.

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How video jammer may protect me?

Mobile phone is the most popular communicative device nowadays. Today almost each person has a mobile phone, even children. Thanks to quick development of technology, mobile phones improved to a great level.

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Military Jamming Systems

In the 21st century terrorism began to actively develop and enter the international arena. Of course, there were separate manifestations of terrorism, but in a limited number. Now terrorism is experiencing a booming. One of the features of modern political terrorism is its active influence on the foreign policy of states.

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Counter Spy Equipment

A sufficiently large percentage of people use the counter spy equipment to ensure personal privacy. The goals pursued by the owners of such devices are different: businessmen, struggling with information leakage, people who want to visit the opera or theater, want to spend their time with peace, teachers are interested their students would not using the cheats during knowledge testing. Blocking is carried out at various special institutions or government buildings. Silencers are used to neutralize the transmission of signals from an espionage device recording information also.

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Types of Mobile Jammer

Cordless industry is growing very fast at present time. A lot of useful innovations have been created, but also many threats arise which can cause harm to the privacy of every person. Alljammers proposes a big number of wholesale blocking equipment. Our company tries hard to supply purchasers with high quality jammers to lock the signals of cell phones as well as frequencies of other devices. The selling products in our list have the highest quality and best features. The types are mentioned below to help you to learn what kind of blockers it`s possible to apply when any troubles arise.

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Anti Drone Solutions

UAV quadcopters and drones have become a very popular weapon for people who want to compromise confidentiality of other people. In our online store Alljammers we have identified the anti drone solutions in different types, what will help you to make the right choice and protect your private territory and information, even if someone is trying to spy on you from the air.

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Cell Phone Jammer For Car

Our world is changing and developing every minute. Diverse innovations, state-of-the-art technologies and various unusual devices are created and produced by numerous companies and enterprises. A lot of gadgets became not so unusual or even so common that we cannot live without them and hardly remember times when these devices were not invented and so widely used. In every household there are computer, printer, cell phone, camera, TV set. Every pupil has own mobile phone with the access to the Internet where communicates with friends in popular social networks, reads books and finds all necessary information which previously was stored only in libraries.

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ECM Jammer - Electronic Counter-Measure Jammer

Cordless industry is changed very quickly nowadays. Many useful innovations have been developed, but also many threats arises which can bring harm to the privacy of every person. Ecm jammer is a tool to avoid the information loss and eavesdropping. If you have already noticed, there are huge quantity of suppressors in the market, they all operate on the same principle, but can vary in various positions, the power of the outgoing signal, the set of suppressed frequencies, have different characteristics in description and working in the frequencies of the emitted signals.

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Low Frequency Jammer

Modern humanity understands that no one can completely trust anyone. It is especially concerns business, where large amounts of money are in circulation, which can be claimed not only by employees, envious persons, but also by competitors. If you use low frequency jammer, you can without fear communicate with everyone on any topic and be sure that no one will eavesdrop you.

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Scramble WiFi Signal

Dependence of a person on the Internet is gaining actuality, because it is impossible now to deny the constant connection of an individual person with the network, through which he receives any information to meet general educational, working and entertainment needs. In addition, modern people spend a lot of time writing messages, blogs in social networks or surfing various web pages. This factor can be used as a so-called lever of pressure on a particular person.

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Long Range WiFi Jammer

Long range wifi jammers with directional antennas are devices that are best suited for indoor or outdoor usage in a large areas (theaters, cinemas, assembly halls, meeting rooms). Due to the increased range (up to 150-200 meters), the devices can effectively suppress the transmission and reception of the signal from various digital devices, from mobile phones to hidden cameras or microphones, prevents the control of the gadgets that have remote control.

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